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Standalone Tongkat from Switch’s basic series gets turned into a Paradise Fruit-flavored powder

Switch Nutrition Paradise Fruit Tongkat

The Essentials Series is Switch Nutrition’s straightforward collection of supplements, the majority of them straightforward, single-ingredient offerings, including typical standalones like Creatine, Carnitine, and Citrulline, and some uncommon products like NMN, Colostrum, and Inositol. Another entry in the Australian sports nutrition brand’s Essentials family is Tongkat, named after its one and only ingredient, tongkat ali, also referred to as longjack, providing 400mg a capsule or 800mg in a two-capsule serving.

Switch Nutrition has made it a little more enjoyable to take down its Essentials Series Tongkat this month, launching a flavored version that has the same exact breakdown and dose of longjack at 400mg in each of its 60 servings, or 800mg if you take two-scoops for a full serving. The supplement is already in stock and available through the brand’s own online store with retailers to follow, and when it comes to options, there is just the one flavor available for Switch Tongkat at the moment in a refreshing Paradise Fruit.