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Mint Chocolate Chip joins the menu of Transparent’s grass-fed whey protein powder

Transparent Labs Mint Chocolate Chip Grass Fed Isolate

Transparent Labs has spiced up the menu of its protein powder this week, releasing a not-so-traditional taste for its star supplement in that category, which is the rather self-explanatory 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate. The new addition to the menu is a classic mint-based experience in Mint Chocolate Chip, which is certainly more on the uncommon side of things when it comes to flavors of protein, and the product does already have a bit of that with the likes of Sugar Cookie, Dark Chocolate, and Blueberry Pancakes.

100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate comes with a lean nutrition profile led by a higher than usual 28g of protein, all from that title mentioned grass-fed whey isolate, with only a gram of carbohydrates, no fat, and a calorie count of 120. Those numbers are pretty much the same for the all-new Mint Chocolate Chip but with a minor bump in carbohydrates to 3g, and fans can get their hands on the 15th flavor of Transparent Labs’ protein powder direct at $59.99 for a large 2.5lb tub of 30 servings, all with that higher 28g of protein.