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Truely is putting its signature protein-packed cereal into single-serving pots

Truely Protein Cereal Pots

Truely is a protein cereal company from up in Canada that is about to make it easier to try its signature functional food as well as be given a more convenient way to take the product with you and enjoy it on the move. The brand has four classic cereal flavors to choose from in Peanut Butter, Cinnamon, Fruity, and Cocoa packing solid macros, far superior to your traditional breakfast cereal with 18g of protein a serving, only a gram of sugar, impressively low net carbohydrates, around 6g of fat, and a calorie count of 150.

Next month Truely is launching all four flavors of its protein-loaded in single-serving 40g pots, to easily tear off the top, pour in the milk, and enjoy whenever and wherever you are. The hoop-shaped cereal inside is exactly the same as what you get in the full-size boxes in terms of taste, texture, ingredients, and nutrition, so it is simply the format that is different. We’re not sure of the price, but traditional compact offerings like this aren’t as cost-effective and aim to make up for the difference with their convenience.

Truely is only saying its single-serving pots of protein cereal will be available next month, meaning they could be anywhere from three to seven weeks away, so you’d be best to keep an eye on its online store or sign up to its newsletter to be notified as soon as the snack-sized pots go live and are ready for fans to purchase.

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