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Tsunami adds AstraGin to drastically enhance absorption in its latest amino effort

Tsunami Nutrition Essential Pure Amion

Tsunami Nutrition in Italy only popped up on our radar recently but has proven itself quickly, showing a powerful pace, regularly releasing new products and flavor extensions, and entering different categories all over the show. The effort continues this week by way of a supplement from the fast-expanding sports nutrition competitor with Essential Amino Pure Professional, separate from any of Tsunami’s many other amino-based offerings, including BLP99.9, Master Amino Essential, and the Ajinmoto-backed Nitro Pure.

The catch and point of difference with Tsunami Nutrition’s latest innovation in Essential Amino Pure Professional isn’t so much in the amino acids, although they are very much present by way of 15 different aminos, including EAAs and BCAAs, all combining for a total of 4.55g a serving. What makes the product that little bit different is the brand has infused it with premium and proven components LactoSpore probiotics and the ever-present AstraGin, to enhance absorption of the aminos by a substantial amount.

Tsunami Nutrition’s Essential Amino Pure Professional doesn’t come in flavored powder or capsule format, it is a tablet supplement, and while you don’t see many amino tablets here in the US, this is most certainly common over in Europe. You can purchase the comprehensive amino product directly from the brand’s online store, where you can get a look at the massive selection of supplements it has on the market, and pick up a bottle of 200 tablets of Essential Amino Pure Professional at €44.90 (49.17 USD).