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Pre-workout-style ABE Energy Shot gets 50% more caffeine for its US launch

Abe Energy Shot In The Us

All Black Everything, or more simply ABE, is the brand name on the selection of supplements international giant Applied Nutrition has available in the US, and the majority of those items are tweaked versions of products you can already find in its lineup in the UK. That includes the signature, stimulant-backed, and well-balanced ABE Pre-Workout, the ABE Energy Drink, and now details have surfaced of the ABE Energy Shot that’s coming soon to American shelves, which has a few differences compared to the original.

The ABE Energy Shot has been available in the UK and Europe through Applied Nutrition for years, and as mentioned, it is being brought to the US market with a similar sort of purpose — pocket-sized pre-workout — but the main ingredients are not the same. The original ABE Energy Shot has 1g of citrulline malate, 3g of performance-supporting beta-alanine, and 200mg each of caffeine and taurine. The version launching here soon has that same 1g of citrulline malate and 200mg of taurine, but no bet-alanine, 50% more caffeine at 300mg, and an added 200mg each of theanine and choline bitartrate for focus.

Applied Nutrition and its ABE brand in the US have put together a fresh new selection of flavors for the rollout of the ABE Energy Shot in the highly competitive market with Grape Soda, Berry Blast, and a classic Blue Razz. You get all of those ingredients and dosages highlighted, and those flavors jammed into a compact 60ml bottle, with retailers like the always competitive and deal-filled DPS Nutrition listing the ABE Energy Shot in anticipation for when it eventually makes its debut and continues ABE’s North American growth.