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Vilgain more than doubles its Coconut Bites menu with Tropical, Cherry and Cocoa

Vilgain Three More Flavors Of Coconut Bites

Vilgain in Europe has come out and started 2024 with more options in the area of functional food, which is indeed something it stands out with, due to having an absolutely massive selection of products. The creative company has decided to give back to its previously released coconut-based snack, Vilgain Coconut Bites. They are indeed round, bite-sized pieces made primarily of coconut and fruit, and up until this week, there were only two flavors to choose from in the fruity recipes: Blueberry and Strawberry.

The menu of Vilgain’s Coconut Bites has turned into an actual menu rather than a pair of flavors, more than doubling in size with three new tastes available in Tropical featuring a heavy pineapple taste, Sour Cherry, obviously a cherry experience with a sour twist, and the chocolate flavor, Cocoa. The product isn’t high in protein or anything like that; it is simply a healthy, clean ingredient snack, providing per 38g piece, about a gram of protein, 10g of fat, close to half that in carbohydrates, and around 150 calories.

Like all of Vilgain’s sports nutrition items, lifestyle supplements, and functional innovations, you can grab Coconut Bites in its new Tropical, Sour Cherry, and Cocoa flavors directly from its online store at, where you’ll pay €1.59 per individually-packaged bite or €16.80 for a box of a dozen.

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