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Will Tennyson introduces Be Good Bakery and its unique high-protein donut holes

Will Tennyson Be Good Bakery

Be Good Bakery is an all-new entry into the world of functional food, and it’s off to a great start thanks to the man behind the company in the hugely popular fitness YouTuber Will Tennyson, standing at a staggering 2.32 million subscribers. Much like Tennyson’s content, Be Good Bakery is most definitely unique and not like your typical functional competitor, starting out with a product that sounds absolutely delicious and is extremely far from any traditional format like a protein bar, cookie, or drink.

The first product from Will Tennyson and Be Good Bakery is Hole-Somes Donut Holes. You get two donut holes or balls in every packet, and together, they provide 15g of protein, primarily from collagen, alongside whey concentrate, whey isolate, and eggs. The other macros filling out the snack’s nutrition profile include 18g of carbohydrates, a fairly low 5g of sugar, all of that is added sugar, and 12g of fat, for a calorie count of 240, similar in protein to calorie ratio as some of the nut butter-based bars out there.

Will Tennyson Be Good Bakery

As for the build of Be Good Bakery’s Hole-Somes Donut Holes, they are, as mentioned, incredibly unique, designed to be like actual donut holes, but, of course, packed full of protein. They have a soft and smooth consistency, and on the inside, you get a creamy center to ramp up the consistency as well as the overall taste. There are two flavors to choose from for Will Tennyson’s debut offering, both of them rather familiar recipes in Cookie Dough promising a creamy, caramel, spiced experience, and Boston Cream, blending custard and chocolate.

The first place to get your hands on Will Tennyson’s Be Good Bakery and its high-protein Hole-Somes Donut Holes is directly through its online store at The price of the snack is a bit more than most protein bars, but the brand makes it easier by selling boxes of six packs, not the usual dozen, at $22, working out to $3.66 a pouch or $1.83 per individual ball. You can bring that price down a bit by subscribing to receive Hole-Somes every week, two weeks, or month, with 20% discount, falling to $17.60 a box.