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WOW Hydrate creates a flavor of its premium sports drink with Manchester United

Wow Hydrate Red Cherry Electrolyte Pro

Hydration company WOW Hydrate in the UK, dropped a major announcement to close out last year, in that it became the official sports hydration partner of the professional football club Manchester United, and in that bit of news, another rather exciting little detail rolled out. The company said that in the New Year, it would be dropping a product put together in collaboration with Manchester United, and it has indeed followed through on that with a special edition flavor of its more premium Electrolyte Pro beverage.

Similar to WOW Hydrate’s standard Electrolyte sports drink, Electrolyte Pro has a higher concentration of electrolytes to fuel hydration, performance, and recovery, plus a bit more carbohydrates sitting at 3g a serving compared to the regular competitor’s 1g. As for the flavor the brand has put together with Manchester United, it is a completely new taste called Red Cherry, featuring, of course, a cherry-type flavor, and the involvement of the football club is plastered across the bottle with its colors and legendary emblem.

WOW Hydrate has said its Manchester United collaboration Red Cherry Electrolyte Pro, can be purchased over at Old Trafford, the home stadium of the professional football club, and while we’d assume it’ll be available wherever the brand is sold, that’s not supremely clear, so you may have to go watch a game to get your hands on the product.

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