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GET FKD is returning with more citrulline and absorption-enhancing AstraGin

Zim Fit Get Fkd 2

The newcomer ZIM FIT is preparing to relaunch its original stimulant pre-workout, appropriately named GET FKD, and while it is stimulant-backed, it has several other components in there to support a comprehensive workout experience. This is still very much separate from the brand’s other pre-workout, GET PMPD, which offers a similar variety of benefits and effects to GET FKD, although it’s not as high in stimulants with the classic caffeine anhydrous sitting at only 85mg in a maximum serving.

Compared to the previous version of GET FKD, ZIM FIT has genuinely stepped things up in a couple of areas, including a switch to pure citrulline from citrulline malate and increasing the dose of that to 6g for better muscle pumps. Several other components have remained the same, with performance-supporting beta-alanine and betaine keeping their original amounts at 4g and 2.5g, respectively; the 1.5g each of tyrosine and taurine have stayed; and for enhanced focused, alpha-GPC has continued at an effective 300mg.

Zim Fit Get Fkd 2 Label

There are a couple of other changes outside of that improvement in citrulline, with the caffeine now coming in two separate forms with 300mg of caffeine anhydrous and 50mg of Infinergy di-caffeine malate, and to ramp up absorption and increase overall efficacy, ZIM FIT has added the ever-present AstraGin to GET FKD at a full 50mg. Again, the product is a step up from its predecessor, making a few tweaks here and there, only for the better, satisfying current fans and elevating its competitiveness.

ZIM FIT is looking to launch its revamped GET FKD pre-workout a week from today through its online store at, where you’ll notice the original version of the supplement is blacked out and completely out of stock. The brand has kindly added extra value in its sequel, too, by way of 20% more servings to 30, up from 25, and to make the transition easier on GET FKD users, ZIM FIT has kept the menu the same and is rolling out the pre-workout in two tastes, Cherry Taffy and Electric Blackberry Lime.