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Study shows Zynamite PX improves performance and reduces fatigue within an hour

Zynamite Px One Hour Study

Zynamite PX is a separate version of the energy and focus ingredient Zynamite commonly found in numerous sports nutrition products, including those in the highly competitive pre-workout category as well as other stimulating areas of the industry like nootropics. Zynamite itself is a patented mangifera indica extract, whereas Zynamite PX is a blend of that original Zynamite innovation and quercetin for even stronger sports performance results, and it is now backed by a study showing just how beneficial it can be.

A study published in “Nutrients” this month centered around a double-blind, crossover trial involving 38 top-level basketball players. It evaluated the effects of a single dose of Zynamite PX taken one hour before participating in a basketball exercise stimulation test. The results showed that participants who took the Zynamite variant saw significant improvements in mean circuit lap time and a reduced rating of perceived exertion compared to placebo, indicating enhanced performance and reduced fatigue.

This is pure proof that Zynamite PX deserves a place in sports nutrition supplements where that better performance and lighter level of fatigue would come in handy, such as pre-workout — stimulant or stimulant-free — a daily muscle builder, or even a dedicated standalone offering to take it by itself. You can read more about the latest developments surrounding Zynamite PX in the press release at and reach out to the reputable ingredient house PLT Health Solutions regarding distribution.