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GAAM Energy gets its classic Easter flavor just under two months out from the occasion

2024 Return Of Paskmust Gaam Energy

Every year, or at least for the last several years, Proteinbolaget’s house brand, GAAM Nutrition, has released a special edition flavor for Christmas and Easter for its signature beverage, the caffeinated GAAM Energy Drink. That flavor is actually a popular soda that rolls out to shelves in the company’s home country of Sweden around those occasions called Julmust, which is somewhat of a cola, malty experience, and while its regular name is Julmust, it changes to Paskmust for Easter, and that is what we have in the news this week.

GAAM Nutrition has resurrected and re-released its Julmust, or at this time of year, Paskmust, flavor for the GAAM Energy Drink, with plenty of time to get your hands on the product before Easter rolls around. The event itself is still a little less than two months away, and you can now head to and grab the Easter edition Paskmust GAAM Energy in single cans, trays of 24, or a heavily discounted two-tray pack. The flavor offers the same experience it has in the many other years it’s been available, with all of its usual ingredients in vitamins, minerals, 180mg of caffeine for energy, zero sugar, and one calories a can.