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Adonis continues its relentless run of flavor extensions with another Protein Mug Cake

Adonis Cinnamon Doughnut Protein Mug Cake

Growing Australian sports nutrition brand Adonis has been featured here at Stack3d many times, as it’s been pretty relentless when it comes to expanding its selection of creative protein-focused products, the most recent of which was a Tiramisu flavor of the somewhat sludge-style Protein Cookie Dough. The original fitness apparel company has expanded another one of its functional offerings this week by way of an extension to Protein Mug Cake, a powder to quickly and easily make protein-packed mug cakes.

Adonis Protein Mug Cake already had three tastes to choose from, and they are all delicious-sounding dessert-inspired recipes with Caramel Date, Rich Caramel, and the decadent Double Chocolate, specifically for chocolate lovers. Joining that menu and taking it to a total of four flavors is as intriguing as the others in Cinnamon Doughnut, providing 22g of protein a serving, close to half of that in carbohydrates at 14g, 4.4g of that sugar, 4g of fat, and a reasonable 193 calories considering it comes in a tasty mug cake.

Anyone interested in giving the latest Adonis innovation a try with the Cinnamon Doughnut Protein Mug Cake, can go straight to its online store and pick it up for $34.99 (22.74 USD), and that gets you a bag of 400g, enough for to turn powder into eight delicious mug cakes in as quickly as 30 seconds.

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