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Alchemist makes its signature supplement more versatile in an unflavored option

Alchemist Nutrition Unflavored Cereal

Cereal is the signature supplement from Alchemist Nutrition, which brings the gradually growing category of clean and nutritious cream of rice products to the Australian market, but with its own unique twist and take on things. Cereal is indeed made with rice flour for a wholesome nutrition profile that’s high in carbohydrates, and it comes in a handful of tasty options. Where the twist comes in is the brand adds GlycerSize glycerol to its recipe for added hydration and premium DigeZyme enzymes for better digestion and nutrient uptake.

Alchemist Nutrition previously only had flavored options available for Cereal cream of rice with Peanut Butter, Cinnamon Toast, French Vanilla, and Chocolate Hazelnut. Rolling out into the market this month is a fifth taste to choose from, although it’s actually more tasteless. The Australian brand has introduced an Unflavored option for Cereal, perfectly suited for better-for-you baking and those who prefer to add their own taste, and the nutrition profile is about the same, with a slightly higher concentration of carbohydrates and lower protein and fat.

The Unflavored Cereal cream of rice from Alchemist Nutrition is extremely simple in the area of ingredients, combining rice flour, sucralose for a sweeter base taste, and those added premium components in GlycerSize and DigeZyme. The product is out now in Australia, including through, and it is exactly the same price as the flavored Cereals at $69.99 for a tub of 75, 30g servings providing 23.4g of carbohydrates, under a gram of sugar and fat, 2.3g of protein, and a solid calorie count of 108.