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MusclEAA gets an Xtreme spin-off packing 40% more EAAs and a hybrid nootropic twist

Allmax Nutrition Muscleaa Xtreme

AllMax Nutrition has revealed and released the mysterious supplement it teased last week, which we suspected to be some sort of extreme or extra version of its recovery-supporting amino cocktail MusclEAA, potentially involving added energy or other muscle-building components. It turns out we were somewhat on the right track, with the legacy sports nutrition brand introducing MusclEAA Xtreme, which is indeed a more advanced hybrid formula, continuing the focus on aminos but with added nootropics.

MusclEAA Xtreme packs a lot more EAAs into every serving than the original MusclEAA, at a total of 10g of all nine, including 5.3g of BCAAs. That is about 40% more, although the list of ingredients doesn’t end there; AllMax Nutrition also has a touch of electrolytes to support hydration, glutamine at 2g, and a gram of carnitine. Lastly, the supplement has the nootropic mushroom extract lion’s mane at 350mg a serving, and 200mg of alpha-GPC to make for a hybrid experience, combining recovery with enhanced focus.

AllMax Nutrition’s MusclEAA Xtreme does not have the muscle-building side that the original did with Mediator phosphatidic acid and selaginella tamariscina, but as you can see, the extreme spin-off trades that in for more recovery-supporting amino acids and a nootropic effect. The brand’s online store at is one of the first places you can purchase its latest sports nutrition innovation, and it’s around the same price as its predecessor at $34.99 for a tub of 30 servings in Cherry Limeade and Pina Colada flavors.