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Animal puts twice as much EPA and DHA into its new and improved Advanced Omega

Animal Advanced Omega

Animal has several long-running sports, health, and wellness supplements, more than its signature and genuinely legendary, individually-packaged multivitamin Animal Pak. Some of those other reputable and reliable products from the brand, include our go-to joint health competitor, Animal Flex, the effective nighttime competitor, Animal PM, and the topic of this post, Animal Omega. The hardcore legacy company has now announced a new version of the last supplement on that list with Animal Advanced Omega.

It’s not often Animal releases completely new products, something we have seen a bit more from it in recent years, like the protein powder Animal Clear Whey Isolate, but it’s significantly rarer to see the brand make changes to signature products like Animal Omega. Either way, that is what it has been working on and plans on making available this coming Monday through its official online store at, for what is expected to be the same or at least around the same price for a canister of 30 servings.

Some of the most notable changes made for Animal Advanced Omega include a much smaller serving size, where instead of getting everything the product has to offer in a pack of eight pills, it has been chopped down to a more compact five. The supplement doesn’t, however lose in contents, as the brand has managed to squeeze twice as much EPA and DHA into every serving, with a total of 3.5g of omega-3s. That is all in combination with the other ingredients in Animal Advanced Omega to comprehensively support cardiovascular, joint, and metabolic health, as well as healthy triglyceride and HDL levels.

As mentioned, Animal is looking to officially launch Advanced Omega through in a few days on Monday, taking over the current iteration of the health and wellness supplement on there that is currently and completely out of stock. Fans will seamlessly be able to work Animal Advanced Omega back into their essential health stacks with the added benefits and improvements the brand has made, and again, still all packed into that one convenient pouch of pills to tear open and throw down any time of day.

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