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Axe and Sledge is preparing to drop a premium pre-workout that covers all areas

Axe And Sledge All In One Pre Workout

Axe and Sledge Supplements is one of the many sports nutrition companies that have a variety of stimulant-backed pre-workouts, including its original Ignition Switch, the more extreme Seventh Gear, and the extra high-stimulant competitor, DBAP (Don’t Be A Pussy). None of them quite fall into that realm of the well-established sub-category of premium pre-workouts, where you get a bit of everything in the one product for a higher price, but it sounds as though the brand is about to drop precisely that.

The team at Axe and Sledge Supplements has confirmed it is making an all-in-one pre-workout, which is very much what we’re leaning towards when we say premium pre-workout, although that will come down to how extensive the formula is. The promising upcoming product is going to support all of the core areas, including energy, focus, pumps, and endurance, and we do know some of its ingredients and dosages, with 300mg of caffeine from two sources, 8g of straight citrulline, and CDP-choline for focus.

It looks as though Axe and Sledge Supplements is also jamming its all-in-one pre-workout full of performance and endurance components, throwing in a hefty dose of the ever-present beta-alanine, plenty of betaine, and two premium ingredients, elevATP, and one of our personal favorites in Senactiv.

We clearly don’t have too many details for Axe and Sledge Supplements’ all-in-one pre-workout — which may not be the official title — but with how it’s being talked about and the few features that we know are going to be in there, it’s going to be one to watch out for. To add to the excitement, the brand has said a complete reveal is coming soon, making it sound like the comprehensive pre-workout is finished and making its way to market shortly, so keep an eye out here at Stack3d for full details in the near future.