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BEAM gets together with iconic produce company Dole for another authentic flavor of Super Greens

Beam Dole Orange Peach Mango Super Greens

BEAM was the second sports nutrition company to team up with the iconic beverage brand Sunny D, turning its signature Tangy Original into an option for its superfood-filled supplement Super Greens, which is definitely one of the tastier competitors in the category. BEAM has announced another authentic collaboration with a completely different partner but equally recognizable and legacy as Sunny D, and it is going live this coming Wednesday through the brand’s online store with early access available for those who sign up.

BEAM’s second flavor collaboration creation, the first being Sunny D Tangy Original, is an authentic Dole Orange Peach Mango taste for that same superfood supplement, Super Greens. Dole is a mainstream and fresh produce company that has been in business for significantly longer than any sports nutrition name, established more than one and a half centuries ago in 1851. It is mostly known for several signature fruits, including pineapples and bananas, although BEAM has gone for the multi-fruit recipe of orange, peach, and mango.

Again, BEAM is launching its authentic Dole Orange Peach Mango Super Greens this coming Wednesday, with all of the supplement’s usual 35 different fruits and vegetables, the premium Spectra superfood blend being among them at 50mg a serving. When the product does eventually go live, we imagine it’ll carry the same price as the other Super Greens flavors, the Sunny D Tangy Original collaboration included, at $45.99 a bottle.

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