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Believe and Jonathan Huberdeau make some special edition flavors and get them NSF Certified

Believe Supplements Huby Blue And Orange Performance Fuel

Up in Canada, the premier sports nutrition brand Believe Supplements has put out two special edition flavors of its supplement Performance Fuel, which is a classic intra-workout built to support and fuel hydration, endurance, and recovery. The product packs a good amount of carbohydrates for fuel and to help drive better performance, and it primarily quality carbs with 26g a serving from Cluster Dextrin, highly branched cyclic dextrin, and glucose, plus essential electrolytes from the likes of coconut water and Himalayan pink salt, for hydration.

The special edition flavors Believe Supplements has produced for Performance Fuel are Huby Blue and Huby Orange, themed around the brand’s premier ambassador and professional ice hockey player, Jonathan Huberdeau. That is where the names of the flavors come from, and if we had to guess their tastes, we’d say Huby Blue is blue raspberry, and Huby Orange is citrus. In addition to the athlete collaboration, Believe has gone above and beyond, and got these two flavors of Performance Fuel officially certified under the NSF program.

NSF Certified means Believe Supplements has had its Huby Blue and Huby Orange flavors of Performance Fuel double-checked and tested for any substances that may have you failing a drug test for your particular sport and governing body. Interestingly, the Canadian brand has not done that for any other flavor or actually any other product, it is purely just those two. You can see on the front they wear an NSF Certified For Sport stamp, and you can get them now from retail partners like Popeye’s Supplements or head to Believe’s official online store.