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Celsius and Formula 1 team Scuderia Ferrari forge a dynamic multi-year partnership

Celsius X Ferrari Formula 1

Every-growing energy drink giant Celsius will be joining the many other companies sponsoring the international sport of Formula 1, which does include another major player from its category in Red Bull; in fact, that has an entire team in the event itself in Red Bull Racing. Celsius has announced, three weeks away from the first race of the season, that it is getting involved in Formula 1, not quite at the level of Red Bull, at least for now, but its substantial involvement nonetheless.

Celsius has entered into an exclusive, multi-year partnership with Scuderia Ferrari, positioning itself as the official energy drink of that Formula 1 racing team. This collaboration aims to energize Ferrari’s drivers, crew, and fans, on and off the track, undoubtedly propelling the already hugely popular product to a whole new audience and market. The partnership extends to the track, garage, hospitality areas, and retail outlets; Celsius will essentially be everywhere and difficult not to see.

You can read the entire press release from the energy drink powerhouse Celsius over on, and again, with the Formula 1 season about to start, the first race taking place in about three weeks; fans, viewers, and attendees will certainly be seeing a lot of Celsius this season, especially around the Scuderia Ferrari team.

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