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Dragon Fruit Celsius rolls into stores in Sweden but it’s only here for a limited time

Dragon Fruit Celsius Energy Drink

Celsius fans in Sweden are treated to a different formula and selection of flavors, with some crossover with what’s on offer in the major North American market. The beverage still comes with a functional set of ingredients to support energy and metabolism, including B vitamins, chromium, ginger extract, taurine, and 200mg of natural caffeine. There is a new flavor out this week for the Celsius Energy Drink in that region, similar to a taste it’s touched on in the US in Celsius Essentials and Celsius On-The-Go Sticks, but not entirely the same lone flavor.

Rolling out to the many stores and stockists that carry the Celsius Energy Drink in Sweden is Dragon Fruit, and again, it is a straight dragonfruit, not Dragonfruit Lime or the creative Celsius Essentials offering, Dragonberry, which is a blend of dragonfruit and strawberry. The extension is a limited edition one, as called out right on the front of the product, so it’s not here to last. Energy drink connoisseurs can expect all of the same clean nutrition in the Dragon Fruit Celsius Energy Drink, too, with absolutely no sugar and an almost non-existent four calories a can.

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