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Former WWE superstar Eric Bugenhagen becomes a part owner of Psycho Pharma

Eric Bugenhagen Co Owner Of Psycho Pharma

Psycho Pharma has built an international presence in the world of sports nutrition supplements, distributing a selection of its products far beyond the borders of the US, including its high-stimulant pre-workout Edge Of Insanity and the highly effective nootropic Far Beyond Driven. The brand is only looking to expand things even further by way of additional supplements, flavor extensions, appearances at significant events, including next week’s Arnold Sports Festival, and it has a major announcement to start the year of 2024 strong.

WWE superstar, influencer, and fitness icon Eric Bugenhagen has come aboard Psycho Pharma not just as a charismatic personality or entertaining individual to act as an ambassador, but he is completely invested and has become a part owner in the supplement company. Bugenhagen has been associated with the brand for quite some time, found in multiple pieces of marketing material throughout the years, but again, moving into this year, he is involved on a much higher level, acquiring a stake in Psycho Pharma and the title of co-owner.

If you’ve ever seen or interacted with Eric Bugenhagen, a former Division 1 athlete and WWE superstar, he is clearly a charismatic person and someone who will undoubtedly help take things up a notch at Psycho Pharma. You can check out the brand and everything it has to offer on its website, from its premier pre-workout Edge Of Insanity to its flavored nootropic Infinite Brain and testosterone booster Thunder Struck, and it does indeed have a huge international presence, being available in the likes of Japan, China, Europe, and Canada.

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