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Evogen focuses less on energy and focus and more on weight loss in Evoburn

Evogen Evoburn

Hany Rambod’s reputable sports nutrition brand Evogen has had a presence in the weight loss space for years by way of many different supplements, most notably Lipocide and the various spin-offs that spawned like Lipocide IR and Lipocide Xtreme. Just in time for the Arnold Sports Festival, where Evogen will be exhibiting at the Arnold Expo and Rambod has champion competitors in the Arnold Classic, the brand has introduced an all-new stimulant-backed fat burner in flavored format with Evoburn.

Evogen’s Evoburn is separate from any of its other weight loss supplements, including Lipocide, with its point of difference being that it’s less about high-stimulants and potent levels of caffeine and more about supporting and enhancing fat burning benefits. The brand has still packed a good amount of sensory components into Evoburn, with cocoa extract, AdvantraZ, DMAE, yohimbe, half a gram of the common focus-increasing tyrosine, and 250mg of caffeine from anhydrous, di-caffeine malate, and green coffee bean.

Evogen Evoburn Label

Taking care of that more focused weight management side of the all-new Evoburn is a host of premium and proven ingredients with 40mg of ProGBB branded GBB to almost guarantee an intense sweat, 250mg of NuLiv’s powerhouse InnoSlim, and half a gram of another reliable component in Mitoburn. That all comes together with those energy and focus features touched on earlier plus BioPerine black pepper to improve absorption; resulting in a comprehensive fat burner for energy, focus, mood, metabolism, thermogensis, and overall weight loss support.

Fans can get Evoburn immediately through Evogen’s online store at $49.95 which is exactly the same price as its handful of other advanced entries in the weight management category, including the capsule format Lipocide, the flavored Lipocide IR, and the potent Lipocide Xtreme. There are two flavors to start for Evoburn, both refreshing and fruit in Strawberry Lemonade and Orange Sunrise, and they have 30 servings a bottle, so when taken at a full serving once a day, it’s enough to supply you for a typical month.