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Killer Labz shares the first look at its promisingly packed-out pre-workout First Degree

First Look At Killer Labz First Degree

Killer Labz has unveiled its promising new supplement coming down the pipeline, and it is what we had suspected and also what we were hoping for. Based on all of the little hints, clues, and minute details, we thought the hardcore sports nutrition brand was teasing some sort of premium, powerhouse pre-workout, which is incredibly exciting considering its hard-hitting reputation. That has indeed turned out to be what we’ve got, with today, Killer Labz sharing the first look at a product called First Degree.

You can get a glimpse of Killer Labz First Degree pre-workout in the image above, including highlights like 8g of citrulline malate and a gram of agmatine for muscle pumps, and the usual 3.2g dose of beta-alanine to increase and enhance performance. While those highlights aren’t stimulants of any kind like caffeine, eria jarensis, or yohimbine, there is a stimulant side to the supplement. Killer Labz is known for its potent, hard-hitting products, and that reputation will live on from what we know in First Degree.

First Degree is going to be Killer Labz most packed-out and premium pre-workout ever, featuring a 20g maximum serving size, so those three ingredients and dosages mentioned are likely to only be the beginning, with plenty more entries filling out its facts panel. We’ll share more details on the supplement when we have them, but certainly keep an eye out for this one, which should have its complete formula revealed in the coming weeks, followed quickly by a launch through Killer Labz official online store.

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