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Fitporn makes bite-sized pralines that are high in protein and don’t have any added sugar

Fitporn Protein Gems

The functional food specialist uniquely named Fitporn has all sorts of creative formats and better-for-you items available, from low-calorie sauces to throw on your food to clean and nutritious nut butter. The brand has stepped up its efforts this month and introduced something extra intriguing, even compared to its selection. The product is named Protein Gems, which are essentially bite-sized praline; although coming from Fitporn, they, of course, have a functional twist instead of the high sugar usually found in this sort of treat.

Fitporn Protein Gems, as per the name, are delicious chocolate pralines that are high in protein, and that high protein is relative, so you’re not getting the 20g you typically find in a protein bar, but considering we’re talking about such a rare format, it’s still rather impressive. In each of the five pieces you get per box, Protein Gems have 2.3g of protein, again, not a huge amount, but higher than an ordinary version, alongside 5.7g of carbohydrates, under a gram of that sugar, 5.3g of fat, and a reasonable 74 calories.

The all-new Protein Gems are the first of their kind for Fitporn, not a flavor extension or anything like that; however, the brand has dabbled in better-for-you chocolate before by way of its Chocobar, solid blocks of chocolate. The European company has expanded on that product — Chocobar — with other flavors, and it has taken one of those options and made it the one and only flavor to start for Protein Gems in Pistachio, which is a hugely popular taste in that part of the world, and it’s available direct at €12.49 a box.

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