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Lean Edge spin-off formulated to support a better night’s sleep as much as it does weight loss

Sns Lean Edge Nite Burn

Serious Nutrition Solutions’ first-ever spin-off of its category-leading supplement, Lean Edge, has arrived, revealing everything there is to know about the hybrid fat burner, Lean Edge Nite Burn. The brand, better known as SNS, has an extensive selection of products focused on weight management, Lean Edge being one; others include Thermo Scorch, Recomp 20, and stimulant-backed Thermagize. Lean Edge Nite Burn and its stimulant-free formula slot right in alongside all of those and can be used for even greater results.

Lean Edge Nite Burn, as mentioned, is a hybrid fat burner from Serious Nutrition Solutions, and we don’t mean it tackles fat loss from multiple angles; it is a genuine hybrid that brings together two categories into a single supplement. The latest from the reputable sports nutrition brand is a blend of weight management and sleep, and it has a strong selection of ingredients and dosages to reliably support both sides, with many of those features being high-quality, premium and proven ingredients.

Sns Lean Edge Nite Burn Label

Serious Nutrition Solutions’ has packed Lean Edge Nite Burn with 100mg each of CaloriBurn grains of paradise and SafraBurn saffron, and half a gram of Mitoburn to elevate weight loss, control appetite, and enhance metabolism. Then, for sleep, you get 200mg of theanine, hops, half a gram of one of our favorite sleep aids in Zylaria, and 3mg of melatonin from standard melatonin and MicroActive sustain release melatonin. One more notable entry in the formula is KSM-66 ashwagandha, at 300mg, which has proven to help in both areas, not to mention its ability to improve performance, recovery, and hormone health.

Lean Edge Nite Burn is yet another solid product from Serious Nutrition Solutions for the fat-burning category, relying on a few ingredients from some of its other competitors in the space but moved to that before-bed window to support you through the night and, at the same time, ensure you get a good night’s sleep. The price for a bottle of Lean Edge Nite Burn is more than the likes of Lean Edge and Thermo Scorch at $49.99 for a bottle of 30 servings, with bulk bundles available, dropping it to as low as $39.99 each.