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My Hero Academia creates a flavor called Quirk for G Fuel’s signature gaming supplement

G Fuel X My Hero Academia

At this point, no one does more authentic collaborations than the gaming giant G Fuel and week by week, it continues to extend that lead, teaming up with other films, TV series, video games, ambassadors, and basically everything in between. Coming soon from the ever-busy brand that is built and marketed specifically towards the gaming market is a manga and anime partnership, something it’s done many times before, and this time around, the other side of the collaboration is the legendary My Hero Academia.

G Fuel and My Hero Academia have joined forces for a special edition flavor of the gaming supplement company’s signature energy and focus-enhancing product, Energy Formula, and it is called Quirk, named after the alternative word for powders or abilities from the world of the manga and anime. The actual taste of the collaboration is an intriguing blueberry lemon matcha, and again, it’ll be available shortly through with a special edition full-print shaker bottle, stickers, and an eye-catching collector’s box.

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