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Popular AminoLean energy drink gets a new and limited flavor vaguely named Go-Getter

Go Getter Aminolean Energy Drink

In the world of sports nutrition, we’re incredibly used to uniquely named flavors, whether it’s something vague and colorful or involving mystical creatures like unicorns. The team at RSP Nutrition has put out one of those alternatively titled tastes this month for its popular AminoLean Energy Drink, which doesn’t directly describe its flavor. The extension, going alongside the many more traditional options like Blood Orange, Cherry Lime, and Strawberry Watermelon, is a limited-time Go-Getter AminoLean Energy Drink.

Again, the name of RSP Nutrition’s newest flavor is not anything descriptive, as you can read, but fortunately, there is an explanation of the recipe right on the front of the product down the bottom. The Go-Getter AminoLean Energy Drink is actually Strawberry Colada, offering the sweet and smooth taste of the classic cocktail of the same name. The special edition does have its own distinct look, with nothing flavor-related, like the name, where you get a pink-to-white gradient background plus eye-catching gold accents.

You can purchase RSP Nutrition’s temporary Go-Getter AminoLean Energy Drink directly through its online store while it’s still available at $32.99 for a case of 12 cans or bump up to the bundle of a case and a matching sweater for $59.99. The flavor comes with all of the beverage’s usual highlights, including vitamins, minerals, BCAAs, a moderate 200mg of InnovaTea natural caffeine, and it’s nutritionally friendly with no sugar, less than a gram of carbohydrates, and almost no calories at ten in a slim and sleek 12oz can.