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Gorilla Mind is adding a comprehensive performance-minded multivitamin this Monday

Gorilla Mind Preparing To Release Elite Multivitamin

Out of all of the essential daily supplements out there on the market, a comprehensive multivitamin is one of the most crucial to fill all of your micronutrient needs and support general health and wellness. Some of the competitors in that space take things a little further and dig into other similarly essential areas of wellness, such as joint support, cardiovascular, and organ health. Surprisingly, as carefully crafted and well-put-together as Gorilla Mind is, it does not have a multivitamin, but that is about to change.

After taking home our prestigious Brand Of The Year Award in 2023, with a ridiculous performance of innovation, creativity, and formulation ability, Gorilla Mind Elite Multivitamin has been announced, and it is going to be available this coming Monday. No matter the category, the brand is known incredibly well for packing its products with reliable ingredients and highly effective dosages, and we have no reason not to think that won’t continue into its multivitamin debut with a rather large six-capsule serving size.

The name, Gorilla Mind Elite Multivitamin, does shout a rather advanced formula, offering more than your typical vitamin and mineral supplement, and furthermore, it describes itself as a “multivitamin formulated for peak performance”. Based on that statement, we’re guessing the brand is going well beyond vitamins and minerals here, and offering support for other areas of health, wellness, and maybe even performance, all of which will be revealed in two days on Monday alongside the availability of Gorilla Mind Elite Multivitamin.