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Gorilla Mind is turning its post-workout into a Cluster Dextrin-powered peri-workout

Gorilla Mode Post Workout Becoming Mode Intra

Gorilla Mind is preparing to relaunch its original after-workout supplement, Gorilla Mode Post-Workout, with several changes, including a move to the name Gorilla Mode Intra. The brand is also repositioning the product as a peri-workout, which is something that can be used and benefited from before your workout, during, and after. The original and stacked Post-Workout brought together a solid amount of carbohydrates with dextrose and Cluster Dextrin as its sources, creatine monohydrate, leucine, and pink Himalayan salt.

As Gorilla Mode Intra, Gorilla Mind is making several tweaks and changes for the better, with a similarly sized serving weighing 59.9g, and the majority of that will be carbohydrates, as we do know that high-quality Cluster Dextrin highly branched cyclic dextrin is remaining. As for the rest of the formula powering the supplement, all we know is it’s classified as a peri-workout, meaning those carbohydrates will be alongside other performance and endurance-fueling components like electrolytes and amino acids for muscle recovery.

Gorilla Mind doesn’t tease or hype things until they’re close to becoming available, and that is very much the case here as Gorilla Mode Post-Workout is transforming into Gorilla Mode Intra with a larger 30 servings a tub and in a Cherry Blackout flavor in less than one week. The Brand Of The Year winner for 2023 is planning to make its multi-window peri-workout available for purchase on Monday of next week, with a complete breakdown of its contents potentially coming before then or the day it is going live at