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GorillAlpha formulates what it describes as its pinnacle of pre-workouts

Gorillalpha Thriller Juice

GorillAlpha is one of the few reputable pre-workout companies in the sports nutrition space in the UK, and it does not disappoint in any of its competitors in the category. We’ve experienced its supplements firsthand and can confirm they are impressive, packing a much more intense punch than you’d expect, and that goes for Yeti Juice and our favorite, Ibiza Juice. The popular brand has revealed and released another stimulant pre-workout that sounds like a rather potent step up by the name of Thriller Juice.

GorillAlpha describes Thriller Juice as its “pinnacle of pre-workout supplementation”, which is enough for us to expect its most powerful pre-workout offering to date. The combination of ingredients the brand has squeezed into the product isn’t all that different compared to the likes of Ibiza Juice or even Yeti Juice to some extent. Several of the non-energy and focus components in Thriller Juice are actually found in Ibiza Juice, like a solid 8g of straight citrulline, 4g of beta-alanine, and around 2g of taurine.

Where Thriller Juice looks most interesting, at least on paper, is in its stimulant complex, where you get a non-transparent combination of caffeine, eria jarensis, English walnut, theobromine, TeaCrine, and juniper, altogether totaling 1.85g in a maximum serving. It’s obviously not supremely clear just how potent that blend is since it’s a proprietary blend, but we do know the caffeine is at a hard-hitting half a gram a serving — all caffeine anhydrous too — leaving the other stimulants to share 1.35g, which should have no problem intensifying that level of caffeine even further.

Gorillalpha Thriller Juice Label

We’ve got the complete facts panel for GorillAlpha’s Thriller Juice above, and while we are saying that energy blend looks to be the main difference and driving force compared to the brand’s other pre-workouts, there is still a lot more to it. Alongside the citrulline, beta-alanine, taurine, and that complex, is CocoMineral coconut water and pink Himalayan salt for electrolytes, huperzine A, phenylalanine, mucuna pruriens, and a respectable 2g of tyrosine, making for a formula that looks a step up for GorillAlpha.

One of the primary reasons we’re so interested in Thriller Juice is purely because we’ve experienced Ibiza Juice and Yeti Juice, and found them both to be impressively effective. Knowing what their lists of ingredients and dosages can do, we have high hopes for GorillAlpha’s latest pre-workout competitor, especially with that “pinnacle of pre-workout” description. You can purchase and try the product for yourself directly through, where a 20 servings tub of Thriller Juice is £39.99 (50.55 USD).