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HealthFarm mixes a typical dose of BCAAs and coconut water for a new amino cocktail

Healthfarm Nutrition Intra Bcaa

Indian company HealthFarm Nutrition, which is a distributor, retailer, and house brand, has added a more traditional amino cocktail this month to its own line of supplements in Intra BCAA, which has a name suggesting it is somewhat of an advanced intra-workout, although that’s not quite the case. HealthFarm’s Intra BCAA is a mostly standalone BCAA product, featuring a good amount of the three all-important aminos to support muscle recovery and repair at a combined 5g dose of BCAAs in each of its 30 servings.

HealthFarm Nutrition’s BCAAs in Intra BCAA sit alongside one other main ingredient, and that is where the slightly more complex intra-workout angle comes into play, as that additional component is the electrolyte source coconut water at a light 100mg a serving to support hydration and performance. Sports nutrition brands have brought together amino acids and electrolytes for years, and that is precisely what HealthFarm has done with a typical dose of BCAAs but a less respectable amount of electrolytes.

Intra BCAA has been released in four tastes directly through HealthFarm Nutrition’s online store, and those flavors are a classic Blue Razz, Mango Berry, Tropic Thunder, and the only one on the menu not in stock yet in the multi-fruit recipe Island Fusion. The price of the amino cocktail supplement is most definitely on the cheaper side of things, reflecting the simplicity of its formula and, at the same time, relatively typical for the Indian market at ₹499 (6.01 USD), again for the usual month’s supply of 30 servings.