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Newcomer Defi Supplements starts with a nootropic and has plenty more products to come

Introducing Defi Supplements And Calibrate

Defi Supplements is one of the newest brands to get into the industry, at just a few months old, but it is taking on the space in full force, building a line of products to benefit all walks of life, whether that be high-level athletes, focus-intensive gamers, or day-to-day individuals looking to support their lifestyle. The brand has one supplement to start, and it does indeed apply to and can be used by all sorts of individuals with a well-rounded nootropic formula called Calibrate to enhance energy and focus.

Calibrate from Defi Supplements is built to support energy, focus, cognition, concentration, motivation, and drive, essentially all of the effects you could want for a comprehensive and noticeably effective nootropic experience. To achieve all of that, the brand has brought together a variety of vitamins and two blends, both filled with common and reliable energy and focus ingredients.

The first of the two blends in Defi Supplements Calibrate is a 460mg combination of theanine, caffeine, bacopa, rhodiola, huperzine, and citicoline, and take note that there is caffeine in this one, in case you plan on mixing it with a separate stimulant product or even your typical energy drink. The other half of the Calibrate formula is what the brand calls the Brain Blend, with more nootropic-style components in a 202mg mix of phosphatidylserine, alpha-GPC, phosphatidylcholine, docosahexaenoic acid, and PQQ.

Introducing Defi Supplements And Calibrate

As mentioned, Calibrate is currently Defi Supplements’ only product, and it is just the beginning. The newcomer has plans to quickly expand and add other innovations to its selection, promising plenty more supplements for later this year. With nootropic interestingly being the first category the brand has decided to get into, it should be interesting to see how it grows and evolves, even more so knowing its products are formulated by doctors and its founders have over 30 years of experience in the industry.

For more information on Defi Supplements and its debut nootropic Calibrate, you can head over to Through that website and online store, you can purchase the brand’s first product at $49 for a bottle of 30 servings with the usual discount available for subscriptions, giving you a substantial 20% off, dropping the supplement to $39.20 if you sign up for a bottle every month or month and a half.