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Jocko adds fadogia and a few other components for its sequel testosterone booster

Jocko Combat Tested 2

Jocko Willink’s brand Jocko Fuel has revamped its testosterone booster, keeping the original name Combat Tested but appropriately attaching the sequel number 2.0 to the title for Combat Tested 2.0. The goal of the supplement is still very much the same, with the brand building it to naturally boost testosterone and, in turn, enhance strength, muscle size, and more. There are some common ingredients, but it is really more of a modernized version, adding some more recently popular testosterone boosters.

Continuing on from the original Combat Tested, the all-new Jocko Combat Tested 2.0 has shilajit at the same 250mg a serving, a 50% higher dose of longjack at 300mg, and the same amount of DIM at 100mg. While the supplement doesn’t have any of the other ingredients from the first iteration of the testosterone booster, it has plenty of other components to increase, enhance, and support at an even greater level.

Jocko Combat Tested 2 Label

Jocko’s Combated Test 2.0 has combined those three components highlighted above with half a gram of ginger, 2.5mg of boron, aged garlic extract also at half a gram, and for that more modern touch, there is the increasingly popular fadogia agrestis at 300mg in its four capsule serving size. Again, everything in there has been brought together for the sole purpose of increasing and elevating testosterone for all of its impressive subsequent benefits, ideal for a muscle-building phase.

While testosterone-boosting supplements can get pretty high in price, the revamped Combat Tested 2.0 isn’t all that expensive, coming in under the $40 mark at $34.95, and that is for a bottle of 30 servings to supply you for a complete month. You can bring that down, as if you like the sequel product and want to subscribe through the official online store for Jocko at If you commit to receiving a full-size bottle every month for however long you choose, you can save 10% and pay a lower $31.46 a piece.