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Legion swaps out two ingredients and moves its sleep supplement into chewable tablets

Legion Athletics Lunar

Legion Athletics has relaunched its nighttime supplement, Lunar, and like most competitors in the sleep aid category, it is built to help you get to sleep and get better quality sleep overall. The previous iteration of Lunar came in flavored powder format, and it relied on four main ingredients with lemon balm, rutaecarpine, glycine, and melatonin. For 2024, the brand has reworked the product, changing it from powder to chewable tablets, carrying over a couple of its ingredients, and swapping out the lemon balm and rutaecarpine.

As mentioned, the refreshed Lunar from Legion Athletics has maintained two ingredients from the last version of the sleep supplements, and those ingredients are glycine at a sizeable 3g in a four-tablet serving and a small 500mcg dose of the reliable and effective melatonin. The other half of the nighttime product sees lemon balm and rutaecarpine swapped out for two other common sleep aids, one of them being a personal favorite of ours in GABA at a light 100mg, and the relaxing theanine is in the mix as well at 400mg.

Legion Athletics’ renewed Lunar does indeed promise a more effective nighttime experience compared to the previous powder version, again with GABA and theanine, and seeing as it comes in chewable tablets, there is a taste to it, not quite the same as the powder, but a taste nonetheless in Mixed Berry. Fans of the brand and its sleep-support supplement will be pleased to know that there is no change in price for Lunar at $39.99, and that is for the same bottle size of 120 chewable tablets, working out to 30 regular servings.