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Four years later Naughty Boy is reformulating its first-ever supplement

Naughty Boy Menace V2

The first-ever supplement Naughty Boy brought to market, and it was also actually the only supplement it had available for a few months, was the stimulant-backed and impressively reliable pre-workout Menace. The brand has gone on to make several spin-offs of the product as well as special editions and flavors, but for 2024, Naughty Boy is making some much bigger changes to that signature supplement and introducing Menace V2 featuring a reworked combination of ingredients with several differences.

Naughty Boy has taken out a couple of components that notably support the original Menace’s strong energy and focus by way of juglans regia and biophytum. With that said, the UK-based brand and two-time International Brand Of The Year winner has added and improved in a few other areas in an effort to upgrade the entire experience. Another ingredient that’s been removed is the focus-enhancing alpha-GPC, although that is something you’ll see many others in the region dropping due to regulations.

Naughty Boy Menace V2 Label

Going into the other areas Naughty Boy has made changes for Menace V2; instead of straight citrulline, it’s now citrulline malate at 6g and a 2:1 ratio, so that is pretty much the same, and to further fuel muscle pumps, VasoDrive is in the mix but not at an overly large amount of 254mg in a maximum serving. Performance-supporting beta-alanine has been beefed up by 25% from 3.2 to 4g, and the energy and focus side has plenty of tweaks to make up for the loss of juglans regia and biophytum with an increased 400mg of caffeine, added 600mg of VitaCholine, 100mg of theobromine, and 200mg of the effective uridine.

Naughty Boy’s Menace V2 is definitely an altered blend of ingredients next to its predecessor, where the sequel still focuses on energy, focus, pumps, and performance, but the ingredients supporting all of those are very different. That should result in a noticeably new, yet somewhat similar feel and performance in the gym, which fans of the UK supplement company will be able to find out for themselves shortly when the updated pre-workout makes its way to market, still with 30 servings a tub and the same exact price point.