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More traditional NexWhey protein powder returning to Nexus with improved flavor

Nexus Revamped Nexwhey

The colorful and fast-moving Nexus in Australia is introducing another protein powder separate from its current offering, which is somewhat of a clear-style protein powder, but it isn’t backed by the typical ingredient in this sort of supplement. Super Protein Water from Nexus relies on collagen, not whey isolate or hydrolyzed whey like most other competitors in the sub-category of clear protein powder, providing 20g of protein a serving, all from hydrolyzed collagen peptides plus AstraGin to improve absorption.

NexWhey is the second product from Nexus for the saturated protein powder space, and unlike the refreshing and fruit-flavored Super Protein Water, this one is significantly more traditional. The brand has packed the supplement with whey isolate and concentrate to provide 23g of protein per serving, a reasonable 4g of carbohydrates, the majority of that sugar, a low level of fat just above a gram, and in and around 110 calories depending on the flavor, plus there is added DigeZyme to support and improve digestion.

NexWhey is actually a supplement that’s been on the market previously but not with the look that this iteration has, and Nexus is promising an even better taste experience. The whey-powered protein powder is rolling out to stores down under in three tasty flavors, including classics like Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream, and something a little more uncommon but deeply loved in that part of the world in Hokey Pokey.

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