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Ninja will have two completely new products at the Arnold and a host of new flavors to try

Ninja Releases For The Arnold

Ninja is one of the many reputable and premium supplement companies that is going to be in the Stack3d Pavilion at this year’s Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio, taking place in exactly two weeks. The reliable brand is going to be doing a lot to stand out, and not only will its presence be difficult to miss, it will have plenty of action and innovation at its booth with a whole host of releases lined up. Ninja has not said specifically what we’re getting, but it has provided vague descriptions, which are more than enough to get us excited.

At our Stack3d Pavilion at the highly-anticipated Arnold Expo, Ninja is going to be introducing fans, new and old, to two completely new supplements and five new flavors for already available products. Again, the brand has not provided specifics, but two innovations and a host of menu extensions are more than enough to get everyone to its booth at the Arnold Sports Festival as soon as doors open. Additionally, one lucky visitor will walk away with a massive year’s supply of its well-put-together, energy and focus-enhancing Ninja Mode.

The Stack3d Pavilion is right at the front of the Greater Columbus Convention Center, in fact, you can see it as soon as you walk through the main doors, and Ninja is right in the mix of all of that. Holders of VIP tickets will be able to get into the Arnold Expo from 9AM while the rest can walk through at 10AM, either way, you’ll want to make the Pavilion a priority.

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