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Nootropics Depot blends mushrooms into functional coffee and hot cocoa

Nootropics Depot Mushroom Magic

The always interesting retailer and brand Nootropics Depot has something a bit different this week to share with its many customers in the Mushroom Magic Series, a collection of mushroom extract-backed products, but they’re not in the usual format. There is Mushroom Magic Coffee and Mushroom Magic Cocoa, which is indeed in flavored powder, certainly a common style of sports nutrition, although these turn into coffee and hot cocoa, far from the fruit punch, blue raspberry, and cherry lime of most supplements.

Both of the Nootropics Depot innovations have the same base formula; there is just one small difference, which plays into the fact that one is coffee and the other is hot cocoa. The ingredients you’ll find in both supplements to support cognition, focus, immunity, and mood are half a gram each of lion’s mane, cordyceps, and poria, and 150mg of tiger milk. All of that is in Mushroom Magic Coffee and Mushroom Magic Cocoa, but in addition to the mushrooms, the former has 150mg of caffeine for uplifting energy.

To provide the authentic beverage experience in Nootropic Depot’s Mushroom Magic products, Coffee is made with 1.5g of espresso and 6g of cocoa powder in Cocoa. That cocoa does bring with it some nutrition in the form of 1.5g of fat and 12g of carbohydrates, 9g of that sugar, for a calorie count of 56 a serving. You can get either or both straight from Nootropic Depot’s online store with the same 30 servings a bottle but slightly different price at $29.99 for Mushroom Magic Cocoa and $39.99 for Mushroom Magic Coffee.