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NutraOne formulates a premium product with CoreBiome specifically for gut health and digestion

Nutraone Probiotic One

The health and wellness side of sports nutrition companies has become integral parts of their catalogs, where brands now offer significantly more support in various areas of health, far beyond the common categories surrounding workouts like pre-workout, aminos, and protein powders. The team at NutraOne has plenty of that available with joint support, superfoods, a sleep aid, multivitamins, dedicated identification, and, starting this week, an all-new gut health competitor separate from Probiotic X.

NutraOne has introduced ProbioticOne, a capsule product built from the ground up to support digestion and gut health that can lead to better nutrient uptake and weight management, and it includes adaptogenic mushrooms for a genuinely advanced and premium supplement. The brand has brought together four key areas for ProbioticOne with 12 billion CFUs of probiotics, a 100mg mushroom blend featuring the likes of shiitake and resihi, the powerful postbiotic CoreBiome at 300mg a serving, and one other premium component in the fiber-free prebiotic blend PreForPro.

Again, ProbioticOne is a comprehensive product, going deeper into digestive and gut health than most other sports nutrition brands, and you can see that in the CoreBiome and PreForPro-backed formula. The price of the supplement does reflect that specialized, premium approach at $39.99 for a bottle of 30 servings, enough to last you a typical month. You can subscribe to ProbioticOne through NutraOne’s online store, and that brings the cost down to $31.99, with every one, two, and three months options.