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Lemon Lime and an intriguing MMMTO flavor come to NXT’s beef protein for a limited time

Nxt Mmmto Beef Protein Isolate

NXT Nutrition has plenty of competitors in the world of protein powder, including Pure Whey, Beef Protein Isolate, the calorie-loaded Nuclear Mass, and the clear-style protein drink Protein Isolate Shake. Of all of those supplements, the beef-based Beef Protein Isolate is the one with the most tastes to choose from, with the likes of Kiwi Lime, Cherry Cola, Caramel Latte, the candy-themed Fruit Burst, and this week it’s been given another two completely new options, although they aren’t intended to be around for long.

NXT Nutrition’s latest extensions of Beef Protein Isolate are Lemon Lime, a classic citrus experience, and MMMTO, a berry-loaded recipe, which we’re gathering is inspired by and meant to taste like the classic UK beverage Vimto, considering the name and the fact that it’s all about berries. They both have the typical nutrition profile of the supplement with a slightly higher than usual 27g of protein in a light 30g serving with absolutely no fat or sugar, close to zero carbohydrates, and a lean calorie count of 110.

The citrusy Lemon Lime Beef Protein Isolate is officially launching tomorrow, while MMMTO has gone live today at, and again, they’re both limited-time flavors, so if you like the look of them, be sure to grab them while you can.