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Pandy combines pineapple, passionfruit and mango for its all-new Tropic Trio candy

Pandy Tropic Trio Candy

The delicious candy creator Pandy, known for its better-for-you candy, has followed the recent return of its special edition heart-shaped box of Sweet Hearts candy for Valentine’s Day with a completely new taste innovation for its loyal fans to enjoy. The Swedish company has never had trouble delivering a sweet, soft, and smooth gummy candy experience in its 50g bags of bite-sized pieces, and that is very much expected to continue into its all-new, multi-fruit creation appropriately named Tropic Trio.

Pandy’s Tropic Trio candy is a bag of gummy candy pieces that come in three shapes that taste and look like the tropical fruits, pineapple, passionfruit, and mango. Altogether, they make for a genuinely tropical flavor explosion, but with the brand’s usual better-for-you macros of zero fat, 4g of protein, only a gram of sugar, and 140 calories. You can get Tropic Trio Pandy candy from its official online store and retail partners, and unlike the Valentine’s Day Edition Sweet Hearts, this is not a limited-time launch.

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