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Red Bull uniquely blends curuba and elderflower for its latest Summer Edition flavor

Summer Edition Curuba Elderflower Red Bull Energy Drink

The legendary and dominant energy drink brand Red Bull was long known for its original red and silver-branded flavor, which is now available in a few different sizes as well as lighter variants with a lot less sugar and calories. Over the years, the company has also added a bunch of flavors, including one of our all-time favorites in Apricot Strawberry, now Apricot Edition. Every summer and winter, Red Bull releases a limited-time taste under its Summer and Winter Edition Series, and the latest of the former has just been named.

While we do still have plenty of time before Summer rolls into town, Red Bull has taken the covers off its Summer Edition energy drink for 2024, sporting a lime green color and featuring another intriguing taste creation as unique and potentially as enjoyable as Apricot Strawberry. The newest Summer Edition the iconic beverage maker has cooked up is a Curuba Elderflower Red Bull Energy Drink, combining the uncommon sweet and smooth flavor of curuba, also known as banana passionfruit, and the floral feel of elderflower.

The limited-time Summer Edition Curuba Elderflower Red Bull Energy Drink is indeed interesting, combining two tastes you simply do not see that often, especially together, in the competitive category. The brand is releasing the intriguing flavor extension next month, and by the sounds of things, it’ll be full-sugar only for its temporary availability, and if it’s anything like last year’s Summer Edition, that’ll give you about 26g of sugar a can.

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