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Remilk gives brands in Canada the green light to make use of its animal-free milk protein

Remilk Animal Free Milk Protein

Perfect Day’s innovative animal-free whey protein isn’t the only protein on the market of that type; there is specifically one this week that is opening itself up to brands and manufacturers in Canada. Remilk is a food tech company that makes animal-free milk protein, again similar to Perfect Day’s offering found at a few sports nutrition companies like Myprotein and Natreve. Remilk’s product is said to be pretty much the same as milk protein from cows, but there are no animals involved in the production; instead, it uses a precision fermentation process.

We’ve got Remilk and its animal-free milk protein in headlines today as it has received an important “Letter Of No Objection” from Health Canada, giving companies of all levels in the country the green light to begin developing projects around it. In the case of those supplement companies mentioned above, the utilization of Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein resulted in the production of unique protein powders that provide all of the key benefits of traditional whey-powered products but without any sort of involvement of animals.

There are a few other benefits to Remilk’s animal-free milk protein outside of the callout of being animal-free, including the fact that it doesn’t contain any lactose, cholesterol, antibiotics, or hormones, and the detailed lab process does make it more environmentally friendly and sustainable. If you’re a company in Canada and animal-free protein is something you’re interested in, whether you’re a brand looking to make a unique animal-free protein powder or even a protein bar, reach out to Remilk through its website over at

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