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Pump Sauce is bringing back its original flavor just in time for the Arnold Expo

Return Of Strawberry Lemonade Pump Sauce For The Arnold

The single-supplement brand Pump Sauce recently introduced two new flavors for its signature product, which is also named Pump Sauce, and it is a hugely effective bulk liquid pump pre-workout that’ll give you one of the fullest pumps you’ve ever experienced. The supplement hit the market in the one lone Strawberry Lemonade flavor, and as for the two more recent options that actually replaced Strawberry Lemonade, they were the cocktail-inspired Watermelon Margarita and the candy-themed Gummy Sharks.

Pump Sauce has made an exciting announcement for those who have enjoyed its standout supplement right from the beginning, as that original flavor is making a return. The brand has revealed it is bringing back its Strawberry Lemonade Pump Sauce, and just in time for the Arnold Sports Festival, taking place in one week. The liquid pump pre-workout specialist will, in fact, be at the Arnold Expo in the premium Stack3d Pavilion, selling Pump Sauce in three flavors, including the resurrected Strawberry Lemonade.

The Strawberry Lemonade Pump Sauce is returning in line with the Arnold Sports Festival, but it is worth noting it’s not a limited-time thing. The brand is bringing it back in time for the highly-anticipated and jam-packed health and fitness convention, although afterward, it will remain on the product’s menu alongside Watermelon Margarita and Gummy Sharks.

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