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Energy drink giant Rockstar is undergoing a substantial makeover

Rockstar Energy 2024 Rebrand

A colorful and fresh new look has been announced for the energy drink giant Rockstar and its mountain of beverages currently on the market, which it just added to last month in the lion’s mane-infused and caffeinated focus-enhancing Rockstar Focus. The brand has shared a large graphic showing off its rebrand on many of its different energy drinks, including the Original Rockstar Energy Drink and gold-colored Zero Sugar Rockstar Energy Drink, as well as what looks to be some of its Punched, Juiced, and Refresh options.

Some of the biggest changes in Rockstar’s appearance involve the switch to a smaller star now at the center of the front, rather than almost complete can height and off to the side. The various flavors and experiences in the beverage lineup have much more consistency, too, where their layouts and graphics are not quite as different as they were before. Again, there are some Punched products in the rebrand unveiling, like Tropical Guava and Sour Raspberry; interestingly, the former is shown in regular and zero-sugar versions.

Rockstar’s transformation is undoubtedly a major move from the energy drink giant, especially when it’s brand-wide, and there are so many products under the banner. This is the first time Rockstar has made such a sizeable change to its appearance in four years, so again, it’s a substantial play by the internationally known competitor. According to Rockstar, the first regions where fans will see the refreshed look are the UK, Germany, and Poland, with others around the world following suit in the coming months.

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