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Clinical study shows Rockstar Energy Drinks maintain mind and body energy for up to 5 hours

Rockstar Energy Drink Mind And Body Study

The energy drink category has become ridiculously crowded, and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon, with newcomers getting in on the action, sports nutrition brands branching out into it, and already established names expanding their offerings. The companies that have been around for a while have been interesting to watch to see what sort of moves they’re making to stay ahead of the immense wave of competition, with Pepsi’s behemoth Rockstar Energy coming out with something in that area.

Rockstar Energy has conducted a clinical study to assess the efficacy of its proprietary energy drink formulas, focusing on caffeine metabolism and the sustained energy levels it provides to consumers’ minds and bodies over 12 hours. The study, which involved nearly 80 individuals, found that Rockstar beverages packing at least 160mg of caffeine could maintain steady energy for both mind and body for up to five hours, validating and reinforcing the primary purpose behind the company’s energy drinks.

While most supplement and energy drink users will be aware that a good amount of caffeine will boost your mind and body, it’s great to see Rockstar Energy go this deep into it all and spend this much time and effort for a best-in-class clinical study. With that whole project now in the books and the claim backed, you can look forward to seeing the likes of “Sustains Mind-Body Energy” more and more when it comes to Rockstar Energy; in fact, it has already dropped a commercial around it, and the study.

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