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Rule One doesn’t give much away in its latest teaser campaign but says it’s not protein

Rule One Proteins Extremely Vague Teaser For 2024

Rule One Proteins almost always rolls out a teaser before showing off a complete product, whether it be a flavor, a series of flavors, or maybe an entirely new supplement innovation. In a little less than a week, the widely available brand known for its extensive range of protein powders is dropping another item, and as per usual, it has shared a teaser for that. More interestingly, Rule One has kept things incredibly vague, putting almost nothing in the graphic but thankfully including some clues and details outside of that.

All we know about the next rollout from Rule One Proteins is that it’s coming the day after Valentine’s Day, Thursday of next week, and it is apparently going to be a combination of completely new supplements and flavors, all outside of the protein powder space. That leads us down all sorts of different paths; maybe a whole collection of products for a specific category like pre-workout; a cost-effective sports family made up of complex categories; or a giant commodity line full of simple single-ingredient supplements.

Whether we’re close or far with any of our guesses, Rule One Proteins is sharing it all in the coming days, so be sure to stay tuned here at Stack3d to find out whatever it is the sports nutrition powerhouse is cooking up.

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