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Savvy brings a nootropic approach to the energy drink category in Australia

Savvy Brain Boost Energy Drink

Savvy is an emerging health and wellness company in Australia that has developed into several other areas and formats with the likes of its nootropic-backed Smart Coffee and Functional Calm Water; however, it started its journey with the Brain Boost Energy Drink. Savvy’s debut beverage isn’t any ordinary competitor in the energy drink space; it is definitely one of your more advanced offerings, with a host of active ingredients to support energy and focus beyond the typical caffeine, taurine, and vitamins.

The Brain Boost Energy Drink from Australia’s Savvy does cover the usual bases, packing its flagship product with a variety of B vitamins, vitamin C from camu camu, and a moderate 106mg of caffeine, and that is natural caffeine from green coffee. Furthering the complexity of the beverage is theanine for a smoother energy experience at 200mg a can, then rhodiola and ginseng to enhance mood and energy, although the amounts on the label do need a bit of explaining as they’re listed as equivalents.

Savvy Brain Boost Energy Drink

The “equivalent” part is not something you’ll commonly see, if ever, in the North American market, but we’ve stumbled into it with Australian products a few times. On the can, Savvy says its Brain Boost Energy Drink has the equivalent of 6g of rhodiola rosea root and 2.5g of panax ginseng root. You don’t actually get those amounts of 6g and 2.5g; those are the herbal equivalents of how much has been used, if that makes sense. The brand doesn’t specifically say how much rhodiola and ginseng you get, but looking at its ingredients list, they are below theanine, so their respective amounts are less than 200mg.

Overall, Savvy has constructed its Brain Boost Energy Drink as an advanced nootropic beverage, again, offering more than your typical competitor in the cooler, bringing together a complex formula to support energy, mood, focus, and concentration. The brand does keep the nutrition nice and low with zero protein or fat, practically no sugar and carbohydrates, ending at just six calories a can. Savvy’s Brain Boost beverage is available directly and in many different stores in Lemon Lime, Passionfruit, and Mixed Berry flavors.