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SCI-MX goes clear with 21g of isolate-powered protein and two flavors to choose from

Scimx Clear Protein Isolate

The UK-based legacy sports nutrition brand SCI-MX has entered the sub-category of clear protein powder with the aptly named Clear Whey Protein Isolate. The point of the supplement, like the many others of this type that are out there, is to provide a lean and high-quality source of protein but not in the usual dairy-style, milkshake-like flavors. SCI-MX’s latest protein product is a refreshing taste experience, something the brand openly calls out on the front of the supplement, saying, “Refreshing and Fruity.”

Every serving of SCI-MX’s Clear Whey Protein Isolate provides 21g of protein, all from clean and fast-absorbing whey isolate, with practically no fat at 100mg, almost a gram of carbohydrates, a pinch over at 1.3g, with only a small amount of that sugar, and a lean calorie count of 85. The brand has, of course, stuck to the usual flavor approach of clear protein powders, launching the product exclusively in fruity flavors with two to choose from, both true to their names in Apple & Blackcurrant and Tropical Island Punch.

SCI-MX is already good to go and stocking Clear Whey Protein Isolate directly through its online store at a reasonably low cost of £24.99 (31.69 USD), but it is certainly worth knowing how many servings you get in this one. The brand’s competitor for the growing world of clear protein is not that big, far from the common 4 or 5lb, even the smaller 2lb, sitting at 400g, working out to 16 servings at that 21g of protein a piece.