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Introducing ShakeWell and its multi-benefit stick pack supplement Multi-Boost

Shakewell Multi Boost

The classic and convenient stick pack format is most commonly used for hydration supplements, although before it became as synonymous as it has with that category, it was popular for use as sample packs for pre-workouts, amino cocktails, and even flavored fat burners. ShakeWell is a relatively new company in the world of sports nutrition that has utilized the stick pack format for a very comprehensive, all-in-one style product that supports hydration, but that is just one of the many benefits it has on offer.

ShakeWell has one supplement on the market at the moment named Multi-Boost, and that is a clear indicator of what you get inside. Multi-Boost is formulated with 14 vitamins to support general health and wellness, and seven minerals, providing a combined 750mg of electrolytes for hydration, performance, and recovery. The brand has also included a few amino acids, such as taurine to further the performance aspect, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine for focus, and theanine and natural caffeine for smooth, uplifting energy.

Shakewell Multi Boost Label

While ShakeWell’s Multi-Boost comes across as a simple and straightforward stick-pack product, the newcomer has done a great job of squeezing a lot more than you’d expect into its compact competitor, combining health, wellness, hydration, recovery, and energy all into a small 8g serving. The supplement is sort of a juiced-up multivitamin in flavored powder format instead of the usual capsules or tablets, and due to it coming in stick packs, you can have it on the go and time it better for more appropriate use of the caffeine.

If you’d like to find out more about ShakeWell and its current signature supplement, Multi-Boost, head over to and check it out. The format of stick packs does tend to push up the price of a product compared to purchasing it in one of the more common bulk formats, and you will pay a premium on Multi-Boost. For the comprehensive blend of effects in the supplement, it’ll cost you $31.99 for a box of 14 sticks, and while there are bundles, they all come out to the same $32 a piece, in the one Citrus Sunrise flavor.